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    Raising Consciousness Manifesting Peace

    My mission is to help you uncover your most loving, peaceful, joyful self by fully integrating
    your humanity with your inherent divinity. The result: A life of profound love, deep inner peace
    and unbridled joy.

    May 18

    Reveal Your Light

    Truly if you are working on building your relationship with God, it’s the same thing as saying you are building your relationship with your Self. It’s more than building. It’s about uncovering. It’s about stripping away and letting go, letting go, letting go.


    Feb 28

    Love Ripples

    A Course in Miracles tells us that “… words are but symbols of symbols… They are thus twice removed from reality.” Yet God sometimes uses words to focus our attention on what is important. It is up to us to open to the underlying experience and uncover their true meaning. God is always pointing us in the direction of love so that we may experience it rather than simply know about it intellectually or accept someone else’s definition.

    Jan 21

    Flame of Love

    Let the Flame of Love be not just ignited in your heart but burn forever.
    May that Flame of Love burn forever in your heart.

    And let the heat and the light of that Flame of Love radiate out in every direction.
    That Flame represents you with God.
    That Flame is you and God dancing in your heart.
    The image of you and God dancing is deliberate. It’s to remind you of the joy that comes from your union.

    Dec 30

    Everyday Mysticism

    Jesus appeared almost immediately after I dropped into a blessedly deep meditation and very clearly said, “Don’t go to Puerto Rico in January.” This was devastating news since it was mid-December, my flight was booked, and I was looking forward to leaving the cold of the Northeast. Friends planning to join us on January 6 would have to cancel their flights, no doubt incurring fees or losing money. Other friends were in various stages of planning their visits and relatives had already booked their tickets to join us at the end of the month. This was all very sad, but what could I do?

    Nov 30

    Finding God at Walgreens

    In this tranquil corner of northwestern Connecticut, a trip to Walgreens is largely calm and uneventful yet, when I arrived for my COVID booster vaccine, I was met with sheer chaos. The pharmacy was short-staffed, causing long lines of people, some having waited for over an hour. There was a mother with a daughter who looked terribly sick. There was a big guy bellowing about how he ran away at fifteen years old and was told never to come back. For that reason, he believes in tough love. That turned into a very loud diatribe on kids today and the failure of today’s parents. Some customers agreed, and some didn’t. People felt free to share their opinions.