Sow Seeds of Love

God said to me, “Join with Me to sow the seeds of love.” He also asked me to tell everyone, “God loves you.” I hate getting messages like this because as I said to God, “Everyone will think I am crazy.” God replied, “Everyone who speaks the truth is thought to be crazy.” That got me thinking…Is it any crazier to speak about love than to speak about war? Why is it that we can speak with impunity about war to resolve conflicts but the minute we shift to love, and its potential role in healing global conflict, everyone thinks we are crazy. What is crazy is that we have never found a better way than to resolve conflicts with wars. What is crazy is that we have never tried love. What would have happened if, during the 2-year preparation for war following 9/11, all the world’s citizens, with all of their compassion for the senseless devastation, directed their love not only to the victims but also to the responsible terrorists organizations? This doesn’t mean we condone their actions. What it does mean is that we recognize them as fellow human beings who are in need of a change of heart, and the only way to change one’s heart is through their heart. The energy of Love speaks to the heart. So call me crazy because I am suggesting that we try sending love, before sending our sons and daughters, whom we have carefully nurtured and loved, fed and fretted over, whose emotional joys and heartbreaks have become our own, to be slaughtered in battle. If that is crazy than I am glad to be counted amongst those rare individuals.

Maybe Rev. Martin Luther King was right when he said, “Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that. Hate multiples hate, violence multiples violence, and toughness multiples toughness in a descending spiral of destruction. So when Jesus says “Love your enemies,” he is setting forth a profound and ultimately inescapable admonition. As Dr. King said, “The chain reaction of evil — hate begetting hate, wars producing more wars — must be broken, or we shall be plunged into the dark abyss of annihilation.” We all have the power to change the world, one thought, one word, one action at a time, and that time is now. Dr. King said, “Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy to a friend.” I say we give it a try.

If you believe in Sowing Seeds of Love, then take the time to Sow Seeds of Love in your own backyard by sending the Declaration to your friends, family and politicians and asking them to vote YES for Love. To cast your vote simple write YES in the comments section of this blog. Share the Sowing Seeds of Love link on your social media. If I hear from enough of you I will submit this to and ask that our message be delivered to all the world’s leaders.

Global Peace Movement – Sowing Seeds of Love Declaration

We the People of the World, in order to form a more perfect union with each other, insure tranquility and promote the general welfare of ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish that:

We will no longer allow our children to be killed, maimed or destroyed to resolve conflicts.

We want our leaders, elected, appointed or self-selected, to find a better way. We no longer find war an acceptable solution to conflict resolution.

We the people of the world dedicate ourselves to solving all the world’s conflicts with Love.

To begin:

We the People declare ourselves free of inner turmoil. We send ourselves love.

We the People declare ourselves free of hatred for one another. We send each other love.

We the people declare ourselves free from violent criminals. We send them love.

We the people declare ourselves free from terrorists. We send them love.

We the people send love to all those in need regardless of our own religious or non-religious affiliation. 


Remember what Gandhi said, “The end is inherent in the means.” Only peaceful means will bring about a peaceful world.