Carry the Love

In a vision during a Channeled Grace Healing Circle I found myself once again at the foot of the cross just after Jesus’ crucifixion. A silent conversation ensued between Jesus and I  where Jesus asked, Do you have the strength to carry the love? Pursuant to our conversation, he meant did I have the strength to carry the kind of love he carried into the world. He told me it is a lot easier to carry anger. It is a lot easier to go through life feeling justified in one’s point of view than to have the humility to carry the deep love he carried. It takes courage and strength to carry his kind of love.

All of us can carry the deep, unconditional love in meditation or in a healing circle especially when we are unified with a Divine source, but do we have the strength, courage and humility to love so deeply that we would willingly die for people we don’t know?

It was seven days before Christmas when Jesus asked, “Do you have the strength to carry the love?”  and I spent everyone of those days repeating it to myself with the realization that perhaps I didn’t have that kind of strength. I asked myself, “Am I strong enough to love people I don’t like? Am I strong enough to love unconditionally? Can I love you, whom I have never met?” On Christmas morning I finally realized that I am only strong enough to try and that will have to be my first step. I don’t see how I can accomplish the herculean effort of carrying Jesus’ kind of love into the world, but maybe with God’s grace I will succeed. Jesus showed me that it is a lot easier to carry anger and self-justification than it is to carry unconditional love. It is a lot easier to carry a set of yardsticks to measure others than to embrace others in unconditional love. Jesus’ timing was impeccable. I had a lot of practice with all the family gatherings over the holidays.

If you want to give this a try, simply start by asking yourself the question, “Do you have the strength to carry the love?” then over the course of one full day, try to love everyone you encounter unconditionally. Don’t judge them. Don’t justify your anger at them. Just love them and let us know how you are doing.

Sending you love,