All You Need Is Love

Do not fall prey to your own sense of justice.  We try to rescue others when we believe love is not enough. Love is always enough. Have nothing in your heart but your love for Me and all else will follow.  Your journey starts by stepping into My heart.  Look not behind you, beside you or ahead of you, but only into my eyes and there you will find yourself.  You are not alone in your struggle for I will always be there for you.  Focus your eyes on Me and together we will bring heaven to earth for it is done by each and every one of you.

Let not your eyes be blinded by material goals.  For through My eyes, whether you be rich or poor, you will only see abundance.  Go not to the desert without Me for without Me you will only find desert. Go into the desert with Me and you will find the cornucopia of life. The choice is yours.  So as one heals we all heal.  As one sees we all see.  Your nest at the edge of the desert will not protect you.  Go to the desert with just a flask of water to start and everything will be provided.  There is so much there for those with eyes to see. 

They pile up gold coins as if that will feed them, as if that will protect them.  You have tried your way, now try mine.  Too many die in tombs with their gold piled beside them.  The entry fee to heaven is free and it has always existed in your heart.  All you need is love.  Turn the key and you enter My palace.