Blame and Guilt

Spirit says, I want you to understand going forward that you are not guilty and that you will not ever allow anyone to put guilt on you. Understand how guilt works in your life and in your body.  It metaphorically becomes a dark, tar-like substance that adheres to you and allows even more guilt to stick to you.

People believe there has to be a system of reward and punishment, but it is just not the way it is. God sees you as a child.  He is not going to punish you for making a mistake; no matter what happens, it is not a system of punishments. You may make your own “hell” (down) here by your actions, but there is no need to label it as such.  You make decisions and there are consequences to those decisions, but labeling consequences as good or bad is your own problem.  God doesn’t see it that way. He just sees it as decisions and consequences.  It is all a different way of looking at it.

Free yourself now from your own guilt and let God come in and just see what He has to offer you. Be willing to let go of guilt so He can open your heart.  See how bright your light shines beneath that guilt. The guilt is like armor you put around yourself. Only you can hold that armor around you. It doesn’t belong there.

Guilt is not something God teaches.  It is something people teach down here.  It is not one of God’s laws; it is a man-made law made to control you.  Let go of it.

Most people would not consider judging a two year-old child for making a mistake. Just as a parent corrects a child, God allows you to correct your action, but in the process He is not judging who you are. He did not give you free will then punish you for using it.

This is about releasing guilt by forgiving yourself and loving yourself unconditionally. The people who are judging you are a reflection of you judging you.  When you stop judging you, there will be no one around you who judges you.

Go deep inside yourself and take your whole self into your heart, even the parts you don’t like, and give yourself a big hug.  Let your heart become one with God’s heart so that you can love yourself the way God loves you.   Allow yourself to love all those pieces of yourself the way God loves you. Give any feelings of guilt to God and know that He holds you guiltless.

You are being asked to never again doubt God’s love for you. There is no you but the one that is joined with God. Know that God’s love for you is real.