One Small Step

I find that quite often in my healing practice, as well as in my personal life, the Divine asks us to take one small step. At times the step may seem inconsequential or even unrelated to the issue at hand. So, why does taking that one small step matter? One small step, taken toward the attainment of any goal, is energetically magnified many millions of times throughout the cosmos. As you metaphorically place one foot in front of the other, the reverberations are echoed back to you in support of your effort.

To illustrate this point I was shown a vision, while channeling grace to a client, of her standing at the bottom of a vast, deep, V-shaped canyon. As she took one footstep, I could see the sound waves from that footstep bouncing off the walls of the canyon and echoing back to, and through her. The echoing sound waves showed that the energy from that one small footstep reverberated back to her helping her to take the next step, and the step after that.

This vision reminded me of another vision I had earlier in my spiritual journey in which I was walking on a path whose stepping-stones became visible one at a time. Only as I took each step did the Divine illuminate the next one and therein lay the most important part of the lesson. For the second step to become obvious, I had to take the first step.

From a practical perspective, to be an ordinary person on the spiritual path requires a combination of action and stillness. It may begin with, and be interspersed with, meditation and/or prayer, but in between it demands that you put one foot in front of the other to carry you through life. What is your part in the Divine plan? That is something you will work out on your spiritual journey by taking each step as it becomes illuminated and by trusting that the next step will be illuminated when the time comes. As it turns out, you are the one responsible for changing your life, one small step at a time.