I Am

I recently came across this essay written by an anonymous high school student and felt it was an insightful and thought-provoking piece. If you had to write an essay about who you really are, what would you say?

I Am

I am “Whatever you say I am.” I am a part of a whole. I am one with all. I am myself—yet I am everyone—there are no individuals.

Myself—for college, myself is a driven, motivated student, athlete—but that is just what I do.

What I am—for a science class is a bunch of cells making up nerves and synapses (that for a mammal) make an intricate network of atoms to create a functioning being.

But what is it to beTo be meTo think, to reason beyond what others may expect from my
outward appearance. The jock/student they see on the outside is different yet the same as the internal philosopher that lingers in my soul. 

Soul? I am a soul—metaphysically speaking. My soul makes me, me. Or is that my mind? Are they—the mind and the soul—not one and the same? Psych class denies either exists. Science can prove it. But what if science is based on a logical fallacy? Why are we not still thinking about sciences as philosophies? Why deem them true?
I digress.

I am the I Am. We are all the I Am. Little bits of Brahman jumbled together in this world trying to find the rest of ourselves, within ourselves and others. I am lost in this world of illusion.

When I don’t think, I am ignorant and become just another spec in society but when I venture beyond the realm of reality—I am.



Photo by NASA on Unsplash