Swing From the Rafters

It is time to craft your spiritual home—a metaphorical tower to God.  It is not a home that gets enclosed by doors and windows, walls and a roof. It’s a skyscraper that you keep building—around and up, around and up.  As you build it you also get to explore and play on it.  No part is ever closed off to you.  It’s metaphorical because you don’t need a tower to reach God.  God is in every facet of the building process.

In Genesis we are told that The Tower of Babel wasn’t completed because humanity had the audacity to think they could be one with God.  But the audacity is to think that you cannot be one with God.  You are the tower, you are the builder and you are the one who gets to play on it.  That is how you get to know God. 

Consider your journey one of skill and playfulness.  Once you put up the supporting beams there is no reason why you can’t swing from the rafters.  God wants you to be happy.  He wants you to love everything that is God; and everything that is you; and everything that is of God.  Take a lunch break down in the foundation of your tower anytime you need solitude. Slide back down into any of the foundational teachings that guided you thus far.  You can ascend and descend at will. Sometimes you’ll need to retreat, other times you’ll need to build, other times you’ll need to swing from the rafters and other times you need to pay attention to the plan so that you know how to continue building your structure. 

You think that you’re building a tower to God but you’re actually building a tower to your higher Self.  God is in every inch of the building; He’s inside and outside of you at the same time; He’s above you and below you at the same time.  Only by going through the building process do you recognize this.  By starting to build the foundation you pull God’s energy down into yourself.  It was always there, but the building process helps you to see it, to feel it, and to know it. The more you build the more you realize you can’t be separate—because you and God are one. God wants everybody to build a metaphorical tower so that they can join together with Him.  

Begin building or recognize that you’ve already started and don’t be afraid to swing from the rafters. If God did not feel that we were ready for this lesson He would not have shared this vision. The time has come to acknowledge, with complete humility and awe, our unity with our Creator.