Accept, have no regrets, rejoice!
Rejoice in the life that you have chosen.
Accept the gold that is you.
If even for an instant you saw yourself as I see you,
you would never again doubt your worth,
never again doubt your unconditional love for yourself,
never again doubt your role in this world and
you’d never again doubt your choices.
For in you I see all of life.
You contain the entire universe.
Everything in the universe is within you, and you sit inside the universe.
Dance the dance of love….
Never have I created anyone greater, and
never have I created anyone less than you.
And so it goes for all of My creations.
Me and you, you and Me—we dance.
We dance the dance of life.
We dance the dance of sorrow.
We dance the dance of joy.
We dance the dance of pain.
We dance the dance of forgiveness.
We dance the dance of joy,
and always we are dancing the dance of love.
Now, go out into the world and be all that God has made you to be.
With all your joys and all your sorrows.
Forgive yourself of everything you have ever done.
And love yourself unconditionally. 


Photo by Drew Colins on Unsplash