Do We Choose Inequality?

I received an email from a client telling me that, while she was praying, she received guidance that I had to go to St. Catherine’s Church and meditate in front of the tabernacle. Since I don’t resonate with religious services or iconography, I made sure to go when Mass was not in session. I found the frigid temperature in the empty church distracting, but once I settled in, Jesus appeared and delivered the following message.

Jesus: … All I want is for you to love one another. What happens in The Book of Revelation you do to yourselves. The war, the famine … is already upon you. This story is not about a point in time. It is a lifestyle choice that my children are making, (and) have been making for thousands of years. There are always those with more and those with less. You have yet to figure out how all can have what is needed. I have given you tools and technologies, yet you exploit them for the beneficial gain of the few, not the many.

Close your eyes and see what the world could look like. Would you ever imagine a world where a group of people had not? Where you set aside hundreds of thousands who you said would get no food, no clean water and no shelter? Of course not; yet that is what you have done.  Always look to me for guidance.

The latest round of natural disasters did not discriminate. They did, however, highlight the fragility of those populations that had little to start with. How is it that over the entirety of human history we have yet to figure out how all can have what is needed? My feeling is that it is about lack of will, not lack of knowledge.

The choice is ours: Destruction or De-Construction. Destruction comes when the wave hits the shore. There is devastation at every level of society: social, psychological, economic and spiritual. Alternatively, De-Construction is the step-by-step dismantling of the old paradigm, with cooperation from businesses and governments, to make way for a society whose value and currency are love, peace and joy. God doesn’t want a tsunami of change that destroys us, but He honors our free will, so He can do nothing if we bring it upon ourselves. It is incumbent upon us to wake up now and make the necessary changes.

I am holding the belief that miracles are God’s medicine. I am holding the faith that there can be the miracle that humanity raises its level of consciousness, so that compassion for one another and for the earth comes alongside profits. I am holding the faith that government can exist to ensure fairness and compassion. I am holding faith that unconditional love of all, for all can be the modus operandi in our personal lives, our businesses and our governments worldwide. I hold the faith that the value of our next cryptocurrency can be linked the balance of love and compassion in the world so that the only way to get wealthy would be to create more love and compassion. We must reach for the impossible while things are still possible.


Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash