Walk on Water

God, I am ready to turn my ship around.
God, I am ready to have You navigate my ship.
I know that with You at the helm we can overcome
all obstacles and get through any storm.

I heard the above message for a client who thought, like many of us, that her problems would be solved if only she had more money. Spirit responded, No matter how bad your life gets, God can correct your course. Let go of all of your “buts”—your belief that there is only one way to solve your problems. Walking on ice or walking on water is the same thing—just at different vibrations.

Spirit explained that surrounding yourself with, or reaching out to, lower vibrational people is metaphorically like walking on ice. It looks easy because the ice seems to support you, but it is slippery and eventually it melts and you fall through. There is nothing there to hold you when the ice thins. Because there are lots of low vibrational people partying on the ice it seems like the norm—why wouldn’t you join them?

By contrast, there are very few high vibrational people who are metaphorically walking on water. At this vibration one defies the laws of physics.  At a high enough vibration you create your own reality. What seems impossible becomes possible. For high vibrational people inner peace and joy become the norm. But typically no one is watching these people, and those that do often think these folks are just extremely lucky.

The Universe is neutral—meaning that our choices are not judged, but they do have consequences. Enough ice can sink a ship—think Titanic. Own your decisions and their consequences.

Getting to a vibration whereby we can “walk on water” is not easy, so we have to enlist all the help we can get. Be willing to surrender your ship’s navigation to the Divine. Seek out higher vibrational people, books and teachings. They are there for you, but they can’t do the inner work for you. Tell the Universe that you are ready to use every step on your journey as an opportunity to surrender to God’s will,and you too will be one of the “lucky” few who learn to “walk on water.”


Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash