Consciously Compose Your Melody

Look through all the veils of illusion that have been placed in front of you.

Your work is always inner work, but you do that through your interactions with the outer world. Just as with music—there must be a play between the notes and the silence. There would be no music if there were all silence or all notes. It’s about finding balance in life between the notes and the silence—between the action and the stillness.

The gift God gives to each of us is to play our own music—to find the melody in your combination of notes (action) and silence (stillness). It is not a melody that can be created by anyone but you. Each step you take, each word you speak is a note in your melody. The most beautiful music you make will come when you are Cosmically aligned. Finding that alignment will take action and stillness. It’s a path so seldom sought but so sorely needed. With that in mind, take your steps into the world. God goes with you in your heart and in your mind.

Jesus implores us in the first line of this message to see what is True instead of buying into the illusions that have been created for us by well-meaning, and sometimes not so benevolent individuals and institutions. Spirit then explains how to do that by emphasizing that all of your work is inner work. However, it is accomplished through your interactions with the entirety of the external world—people, animals and nature. You are asked to find the Truth of who you are in the face of all the external noise.

The noise is usually the loudest from those closest to you. Do not shrink in their presence. They are playing their note, and so too must you play yours. Brush away the veils of illusions, thus clearing the path for your Cosmic alignment. Play your notes interspersed with silence. Take action when action is required, and be still when stillness will do. Some people run from life toward God, but you are being asked to run toward life and toward God. If you believe, as I do, that God is not a being but a Source energy or Love that pervades and is inherent in all, then running toward life is the same as running toward God.

Compose your own exquisite, Cosmically aligned melody. The world awaits your contribution.


Photo by Giorgio Trovato on Unsplash