Destruction of Deconstruction

Humanity is at a choice point—we can choose (and many are choosing) to steer away from the destruction of divisiveness, hatred, indifference and violence. We need both action and faith more than ever. The actions required are as varied as the problems. In addition to our actions, we must have faith that we can and will push back this wave that is destroying the fabric of who we are and destroying the earth. It boils down to one thing we can all do: love

Spirit showed me an allegory for our current situation: Imagine that we are rafting down a raging, white-water river. Our Guide tells us the precise moment to push off of rocks, to our left and right, to avoid disaster. The Guide explains that one could die if this is not done right as we would have a hard time surviving the white-water rapids combined with the freezing cold temperatures. It takes precision along with specialized equipment to navigate these rapids. We must love ourselves enough to prepare properly for the journey. God is our river rafting Guide. She expects us to jump into the boat, to listen and to navigate. 

Humanity, and by extension the environment and the economy, are all on that allegorical river. We have pushed off of a few of those rocks, but while riding the rapids, we must be vigilantly conscious of the ever-changing waters and obstacles to come. We will have time to push off those rocks and avoid disaster, but we must pay attention to our surroundings and to our Guide. We must make time in our lives to listen, and we must make sure to act on what we hear. We start by examining this analogy within the context of our personal lives, and then take it to the national and global levels. The world can’t wait much longer for love. 

The choice is ours: Destruction or De-con-struction. The difference is consciousness. The path of destruction leads to devastation at every level of society: social, psychological, economic and spiritual. De-Con-struction is the step-by-step dismantling of the old paradigm, with cooperation from businesses and governments, to make way for a society whose value and currency are love, peace and joy. God doesn’t want a tsunami of change that destroys us, but She honors our free will, so She can do nothing if we bring it upon ourselves. It is incumbent upon us to wake up now and to make the necessary changes. 

We must reach for the impossible while things are still possible. 



Note: Thank you to Jude Currivan for pointing out the word-play: de-con-struction. It prompted me to investigate the Latin root of “con,” which means “with” so it is as if the word de-con-struction always contained the clue to our disassembling with con-sciousness.