Castle of Love
You have heard tales of fire and brimstone – that is not Me. What unfolds in life, and as life, is what is within one’s heart. If one’s heart is filled with love, then there will be a life of love. If a heart is filled with fear, then it will be a life of fear. And if a heart is filled with love, it becomes a life not only of love but of magnificent, creative power.
You alone and, cumulatively, with all others, are the creators of the world that you now live in. Your vision must be crystal clear—that love is the way forward. Build a metaphorical castle of love in your corner of the world and open the door to whoever would enter. You are the brilliant, shimmering castle of love whose doors are always open, whose light is illuminating the landscape around you. Your castles of love must dominate the landscape so that darkness has no place to hide. Every lost soul can be found, and you, My child, are not lost. See yourself now as a luminous castle of love. All your doors and windows are open, allowing all of life to pass freely through, being purified in the process. Wherever you go, your castle of love comes with you because it is you. ~God~ Love speaks in metaphors because they allow each person to glean whatever meaning serves them best. The meaning of the metaphor changes along with our level of consciousness; therefore, the most relevant interpretation of this message will be the one you surmise. Having said that, I would like to offer one interpretation as it applies to our collective consciousness and evolution. The word castle conjures images of fortified, medieval structures with thick walls designed to keep out invaders. It is deliberately inhospitable to outsiders and always battle-ready. Castles were built at a time when women, although afforded some opportunities, were greatly discriminated against. Why would God choose to use such impenetrable, patriarchic imagery? I believe we are being asked to re-imagine the castle in the image of the divine feminine, or more accurately, as a balance between the masculine and feminine. This is not a castle fortress made of stone but a luminous, radiant structure made from crystal. It nurtures and protects while welcoming all. There are no moats, no draw bridges, no battlements. God asks us not to be fortresses but to transition to an architecture that embodies and extends love. Our doors and windows are wide open inviting outsiders to stop in, rest, and be purified by Love’s embrace. The castle metaphor is symbolic of humanity’s transformation from a fear-based, tribal, patriarchal society into one that is built on compassion, empathy, accessibility, and love. The crystal castle of love illustrates the power of love to conquer all fears and to bring out the best in all people by shining its brilliant light into our darkest corners both individually and collectively.


Photo by carole smile on Unsplash