Love Light

Turn your hearts to the Sun (in this case the image of the sun is a metaphor for God’s Light and Love) and see this radiant, luminous, white Light stream into your heart chakra. After it fills your heart, it radiates through your entire body and it extends outward from you—from every pore in your body—and in that way God’s Light blesses everything you come upon, everything you see.  There is a constant stream of Love’s Light coming into you and extending outward.

When your heart is fully open to this Light you become a transformer so, this very powerful Love Light comes into you and you transform it into loving and compassionate action. You transform it into loving and compassionate words.  You are the transformers of Love and Light into action. 

You are asked to shine that Light now, into the darkest corners of the world; into the darkest hearts; into the hearts of those who have forgotten how to love or how to be loved; into the hearts of all those who are suffering and into the hearts of those who think they are immune to suffering.

There is no one who does not need this Love.  And when this meditation has ended God asks you to carry this Love Light into the world.  And when you think the problems of this world are just too big remember that Love is bigger—that everything is being held in Love’s embrace.

Practice this meditation often, transforming Love Light into loving action.