Action vs. Stillness

Using fencing as a metaphor, Spirit shared a vision of a young man winning a match. Feelings of pride and confidence flowed through him as he stood erect and satisfied. Then, Spirit said to him,

This is who you are. Don’t be afraid to be seen. Lunge forward at the right moment and retreat when retreat is necessary. Life is not a series of never-ending lunges, nor is it an extended retreat. It is made up of alternating lunges forward and quiet retreats. One is not better than another—they work in harmony. Your role is to learn when and how to lunge forward and when and how to retreat. It’s a ‘game’ just like fencing. There are rules and strategies, but in the game of life, the first rule is to love yourself completely and unconditionally. When you retreat, you retreat into the solitude of unconditional love, then when you lunge forward, you are propelled by the energy of love…and everyone wins.

And so it is that we must all find the balance between action and stillness while simultaneously examining our motives. When we are motivated and propelled forward by unconditional love and compassion, we win, and paradoxically, so does our “opponent.” Only in higher states of consciousness, the achievement of which requires stillness, can this be accomplished. Retreating into unconditional love and re-emerging with pure motives is the way to create a world in which our actions create winners of us all.