Everyday Mysticism

Jesus appeared almost immediately after I dropped into a blessedly deep meditation and very clearly said, “Don’t go to Puerto Rico in January.” This was devastating news since it was mid-December, my flight was booked, and I was looking forward to leaving the cold of the Northeast. Friends planning to join us on January 6 would have to cancel their flights, no doubt incurring fees or losing money. Other friends were in various stages of planning their visits and relatives had already booked their tickets to join us at the end of the month. This was all very sad, but what could I do?

I meditated again and asked Jesus to answer my questions clearly by drawing a line horizontally across my forehead for “no” and vertically for “yes.” I didn’t invent this—the angles did. I had been sitting in my parked car waiting for a prescription that should have been filled but wasn’t. I was trying to overcome my sense of frustration over “wasted time,” so I started to meditate. As part of my meditation, I had asked a few questions and felt, in response, lines being drawn across and down my forehead. Although they felt very deliberate, I brushed my hair back to make sure I wasn’t mistaking a stray hair grazing my forehead for a message from Spirit.  I asked my questions again, and again lines were drawn on my forehead. After a series of questions, I was able to ascertain these lines were being drawn by angels, and a horizontal line meant “no” and a vertical line meant “yes.”

Assuming that this technique was now available to me for the asking, I queried Jesus, “Do you want me to go to Puerto Rico?” As if Jesus were holding a pen in his hand, a horizontal line was drawn very slowly and deliberately across my forehead. I next asked, “Do you want me to cancel my trip/flight to Puerto Rico?” A vertical line was very carefully and slowly drawn down my forehead. There was no doubt that I needed to cancel my flight. My plans to spend January in the warmth and light of the Caribbean sun were foiled.  Why? I have no idea.

Once we choose to align ourselves with God, we must be willing to do as we are asked, even when it is painful and is in direct contradiction to our plans. It requires courage, humility, and grace. I have done this enough to know that even the most unlikely requests God makes of us bear fruit more glorious than we would ever know to ask for.

May your New Year be filled with all the glory God has to offer you.