Flame of Love

Let the Flame of Love be not just ignited in your heart but burn forever.
May that Flame of Love burn forever in your heart.

And let the heat and the light of that Flame of Love radiate out in every direction.
That Flame represents you with God.
That Flame is you and God dancing in your heart.
The image of you and God dancing is deliberate. It’s to remind you of the joy that comes from your union.

So, your job is to keep that Flame alive.
Tend to it, nurture it, remember it.
You feed that Flame through your prayers, your meditations, your reading of sacred texts.
Your consciousness feeds the Flame.
The higher your level of consciousness is, it is like feeding oxygen into that Flame. It helps it to grow bigger.

Become aware of your divinity.
Become aware of when you’re hiding your divinity.
Become aware of all of your ego and how that may hinder your ascension to higher levels (of consciousness).

Keep providing oxygen to the Flame.
Allow it to grow and encompass you in a glorious blaze of Christ-consciousness or higher consciousness. This blaze consumes or burns off all of your smaller identities, making clear to you and the world the glorious blaze of Light that you are.

Now proceed into your day as the Flame of Love—One that can never be extinguished.

Today it has been ignited or rekindled, and it is now up to you to sustain it.

God ignites the Flame, but we must stoke it until it gets so big that it would be impossible to extinguish.

You have a choice to either give or withhold oxygen from the Flame of Love. Providing oxygen allows the fire to envelop you so that you become one with the Flame. Once ablaze, like the fire of the sun, no one can extinguish your Light.

You joined with God become so glorious that no adversity can dim your Light. Spirit deliberately used the word “dance” to reflect the joy that is inherent in the imagery of you joined with the Flame of Love. Flames dance—the flame is you dancing with God—dancing with God within yourself.

See or visualize yourself as the Flame of Love dancing with God. Meditate on this image. Feed the fire by praying, meditating, and reading sacred texts. Become more conscious by asking yourself: Where am I now? Where am I going? What am I doing? How am I supposed to spend my free time? For every interaction, ask, “Where’s my ego?”

Let the Flame burn off the ego-self—all these identities that you’ve made—the unnecessary egoic veneers that stand in the way of joy.  Allow the many combustible layers of the ego to become fuel for the fire so that you can burn your brightest Light into a darkened world.