Love Ripples

A Course in Miracles tells us that “… words are but symbols of symbols… They are thus twice removed from reality.” Yet God sometimes uses words to focus our attention on what is important. It is up to us to open to the underlying experience and uncover their true meaning. God is always pointing us in the direction of love so that we may experience it rather than simply know about it intellectually or accept someone else’s definition.

In keeping with God’s indefatigable lessons on love, Presence recently shared the following message.  If you were in the Healing Grace circle during this transmission, you would also have felt the meaning of these words:

 I gather you all here to shower love down upon you. To remind you of how much you’re loved. Allow yourselves to feel the amplitude of your love as you become more and more conscious of Mine for you. See the rings of love that expand from your heart, just as you would see ripples form when throwing a pebble into still water. And those love ripples that you send from your heart exist forever, through all time and space.

 Be conscious through your day of God showering love upon you and of these ripples of love expanding from your body, out into the space around you. Understand that feelings of hate, fear, and anger prevent the ripples of love from expanding out as far as they would otherwise. Your job is to be a beacon or an amplifier of love. Just like a cell phone tower would send signals out, you’re sending out beautiful rings of love. And the more you let go of the emotions of fear or anger, the further these ripples (of love) can travel.

 So be a beacon. Be the tallest tower emitting waves of love wherever you go and whatever you’re doing. And so shall the world heal through your love.

 And when you allow your love to spread far and wide, you can feel the amplitude of that within yourself. And so, even as the waves of love go outward from you, it never diminishes but instead amplifies the love that you feel within you—it amplifies the love that you feel within your heart. You do this in service to all of life as well as in service to yourself. Know that this love can be felt not only by sentient beings but also by all non-sentient beings. Those who are with us today; those who have passed on.

 And as Love brings this session to a close, remember to keep your hearts open. And to be a beacon, always transmitting love. Do whatever is necessary in your own life to remove the obstacles that would prevent that love from spreading far and wide (here God is talking about the obstacles within yourself). And so it is that as humanity arises out of the darkness of pride and vanity, that we move into the Age of Light, where light prevails over darkness and love prevails over hate, and compassion prevails over self-righteousness.

 And so, I say, go in peace and remember My Love. ~God~

 When God says, … do whatever is necessary in your own life to remove the obstacles that would prevent that love from spreading far and wide, we are being asked to address our shadows. If we do not uncover shadows like fear, hate, and anger, to name a few, then we are, in essence, building a rock wall around our love ripples so that they can only go a short distance. Maybe we built walls that prevents our love ripples from extending past our immediate family, race, culture, or religion. God asks us to remove all these false barriers. It’s incumbent upon us to consciously carry love through our lives, including through dark times and difficult situations.

Feel Love and let the ripples of your love extend in perpetuity.