Reveal Your Light

Truly if you are working on building your relationship with God, it’s the same thing as saying you are building your relationship with your Self. It’s more than building. It’s about uncovering. It’s about stripping away and letting go, letting go, letting go.


For truly, only in your nakedness do you shine My Light. So stand naked before Me, free of all your illusory identities, free of all notions of what makes you, you, and so you will be reborn in My image with My sensibilities. There’s no time like right now for this rebirth to occur. 

Stand naked; free of all illusions, free of anything that prevents your heart from being opened fully and able to burn the exquisite flame of My love, My love for you, My love for all of humanity, My love for all the world you know and all the world you don’t know—everything that you can see and that is unseen. It’s (your heart) burning, burning with My love.

In all that you can see right now, what do you look like? Are you the vast Emptiness of white light? Are you the Buddha? Are you Jesus?  Are you, you? If you think Jesus is God and you are not, then you will have missed the point.  You will have missed My message. If you think only Buddha can have Buddha nature and you cannot, then you have missed his teachings. 

Look for Me everywhere, starting within—within yourself. Look for Me within the smallest ant and in a small speck of dirt or dust. My flame burns equally within all. And those who see My flame everywhere can truly bask in its glow, and they feel warm when everyone else is cold. They see light when everyone sees darkness.  They see the glory of God where everyone else sees sadness. And they see mercy where others see pain and suffering.

I ask you now to look through ‘God Vision,’ but first look at yourself—through My eyes, and see what I see. When you see Me in you, and you can see your Purity, you can see Me in others. Before that, all you can see is the idol of Me in others, and that is not Me.  That is a projection you have made of Me onto someone else. For too long, humanity has projected Me in the form of idolatry onto enlightened beings like Jesus, like Buddha, like the gurus.  There is not one sacred being; there are many, many sacred beings, as many as you can see, and there are more that you can’t see. Every animal is a sacred being. Every blade of grass is a sacred being.  How would you treat a panhandler if you knew they were a sacred being? How would you treat a drug addict if you knew they were a sacred being? How would you treat your perceived enemy if you knew they were a sacred being?

See yourself now filled with and radiating My sacred light.  My and your sacred beingness radiates from you when you allow it to.  And in this state of sacred beingness, it matters not if you spend your day washing dishes, scrubbing floors, shopping, watching television— because if you can stay in the state of sacred beingness through all that you do, then you will have achieved your life’s purpose. For everyone’s ultimate purpose is to be the glorious manifestation of their sacred beingness, and then everything they touch is imbued with the Divine. Think not that this is an easy task, for it requires focus and concentration and a willingness to let go of all you think you know… Undo all your old and known devices and step into My way of being in the world. 

I will teach you.

By living this message, you will sweep away the obstacles in your life and help to usher in the Age of Light for yourself and for all of humanity. This is the Age of Light. This is the Age where the Light of the heart and the Light of the soul shine brighter than the Light of the mind.

God is asking us to recognize and use the light of our heart and soul to illuminate the path forward. Accessing the radiant light of our heart and soul requires removing the cloak our ego uses to dim their luminescence.

For today, examine your every thought, word, and action. Whenever you find your ego leading the way, pause and ask yourself how you can rephrase those thoughts, words, or actions to better reflect the light of who you truly are. This practice ultimately brings more inner peace to your life and to the world.