Elevate Your Consciousness

Although it may not seem like it, humanity is moving toward higher levels of consciousness. It’s not a passive process, but instead, is one that requires our active participation. Everyone, whether they are aware of it or not, is either fueling the rise or holding back progress.

Mother Mary recently shared the following message to help us elevate our level of consciousness. It is beneficial to read it through once and then read it again as a meditation. You may even want to voice record it so that you can listen to it over and over again. This will help raise your vibration, which then assists all other beings in raising theirs.

This is no time to hide. This is the time for your light to shine. The world is counting on your contribution.

From Mother Mary June 15, 2022:

Blessed be thy souls, my Children of the Light.
Stop searching for what you think you don’t have and look within.

This is what you’ve been looking for,
this is what you have spent a lifetime looking for,
but you sought it in all the wrong places and in all the wrong forms.
Look to me to guide you to the Light within.
Pray to me as the mother who longs to fulfill you—
to fulfill your deepest desires,
but know that what you desire is Love.
Pray to me to fill you with Love.
There is nothing you need more in the coming months and years.
Bathe yourself in my Light and in my Love.
This is your time to remember your unity with me and your unity with all of creation.
You are as unified with the sun, and the moon, and the stars,
as you are unified with one another.

Let your spirit now travel to the sun,
thanking it for reflecting an aspect of you.
Know that you contain the power of a thousand suns.
Then, allow your spirit to travel to the moon,
and thank the moon for reflecting yet another aspect of yourself—
that of peace, and of stillness, and of allowing.
Next, allow your spirit to travel to a distant star,
and thank the star for reflecting another aspect of yourself.

When you’re ready, let your spirit travel back into your body.
Thank your body for hosting you during this incarnation.
Thank the Earth for hosting you in your body.
Know, too, that the Earth is a reflection of an aspect of you.

It is a living earth, and what happens to it happens to you.
What happens to you happens to the earth.
What happens to each you and the earth happens to all of us,
and vice versa.

All of you are part of one endless living organism—
an endless field of Love.
What happens in one part of the field happens to another.

Ask me to help you to cleanse your mind;
to put only Love into the field.
This is how we grow,
this is how we change,
this is how we help to raise human consciousness,
which for many is vibrating at a dangerously low level.

Your job is to put Love into the field, and I can help you.
Pray to me.
Remind yourself of the Love that exists within me for you.
This is no time to hide.
This is the time for your light to shine.
You conquer the darkness with light.
So do your work, dear ones, to let your light shine.
Peel away layers of the ego that hide your light.

I am here to help you,
to guide you,
and to Bless you.

Go in Peace.




Photo by Alan Emery on Unsplash