Ask them to mirror my Love into the world.

Tell them as I shine my Light into their hearts, they are to shine Love into the world.
There is only one heart, the global heart, and your hearts are each a piece of the global heart.

Mary says to you:

Understand what’s happening in the global heart is happening within you. What is happening within you is happening in the global heart itself, which means it’s happening to all matter in space that derived from the global heart. And in this way, you are all connected to one another, to the earth, to the sky, to the constellations; to everything you can see and everything you can’t see; to everything you know, and everything you have yet to discover.

To help you feel what it means to be a part of the global heart read Mary’s instructions below
and then close your eyes and breathe into her words.

Let your mind go for a moment, let your mind go, don’t analyze. Feel the essence of what it
means to be a part of the global heart. You might see your boundaries become porous and
disappear. You might feel yourself floating in space and becoming one with the cosmos. You may
feel a deep sense of relief or joy. The feelings of bliss that come from recognizing that you are a
part of the global heart are limitless.

As you proceed with your day, recall her words. For instance, if you find yourself in a traffic
jam, simply take a deep breath and remind yourself that you are part of the global heart, as is
your car, as is everyone around you, as is the car next to you, as is the road, as is the steel girder
holding the bridge above your head. It’s all pulsating with the beat of the global heart.

Mary asks you to: Understand your place in the Universe. You are not the Universe, but you
contain elements of the Universe, just as you are not the global heart, but you contain the
essence of the global heart within you. And so, you have power that is much greater than your
physical size would suggest.

Close your eyes again and take a moment to focus on your heart. See it. Feel it. When you are ready, open your eyes and read Mother Mary’s words to you:

You truly don’t yet know what heart energy is for, but you are learning. You truly know not of its power, but you are beginning to experience it.

Do you trust in me; trust in my Light and in my goodness? For, what I want for you is what you want for yourselves— Deep peace, understanding, compassion, and above all else, love.

Go now into the world, and may it be said of you that you loved greatly, that you loved deeply,
and that you loved without conditions. And so, that is what I ask of you today.

Do not minimize my words.
Do not turn them into rhetoric.
These words are meant to be felt,
and they’re meant to be lived.

These are the traditions of my people, and they are what my son taught. He said to Theresa long ago, about the meaning of life –
“It’s so simple, it’s all about love.”
I want you all to live that message.

And so it is.

Go in peace—
In the knowledge that I love you.



First Photo by Ivan Jevtic on Unsplash