For you, I come to you today.

Open your heart to receive my love.

Live your life from this place of embodied love.

I am yours always and forever.

As unfathomable as it may be,

you are loved by God as if you were the only one.

See yourself as the pure, elegant being of light that you are.

Walk into your day and into the days ahead,

as the embodiment of the Divine that I know you to be.

Don’t cover your light with robes of darkness.

Let your thoughts, and your words, and your actions

reveal your light, and see that light in others.

Know that God is in you now. He was in you yesterday,

and He’ll be in you tomorrow.

He’s waiting for your recognition.

Don’t get so busy that you forget this.

Don’t get so busy that you forget your own light

or the light of others.

Ask yourself as you go through your day,

no matter what you are doing, “Why am I doing this?”

And the answer must be, “I’m doing this for love.”

If you can’t answer in that way,

take a moment, step back, and recalibrate.

It could be for love of self, for love of others. or

 for love of God, but it has to be for love.


In this message, Jesus wants you to feel how loved you are and to assist you in recognizing that, like him, you are the embodiment of Love. This is not a conceptual idea, but instead a state of being that must be experienced in order to be understood. Other than attending the Healing Grace session during which this message and its accompanying grace were transmitted, the best way to experience Divine Love is to dive deeply into your meditation practice. The above message can be used to visually guide you by imagining or sensing Jesus walking into your heart. Having the courage and humility to allow this to happen without judgment sets the stage for you to experience Love.

Jesus implores you, especially during the busy holiday season, to turn off your autopilot. Be cognizant of your thoughts, words, and actions to ensure that, instead of becoming the dark robes that hide your light, they become the openings through which you shine your light into the world. As you go through your day, from the moment you rise to the time you go to bed, ask yourself, “Why am I doing this?” Why am I brushing my teeth? Why am I grocery shopping? Why am I going to work? If the answer is, “Because I have to,” stop and drill down even further. Why do you have to? Do this exercise until you can get to the place where you are doing it for either love of yourself, love of another, or love of God. Recalibrating to love shifts the energy around the action.

For example, brushing your teeth can be done because you have love and gratitude for the body that is carrying you through this world. You go grocery shopping and work because you love those in your care. You know this already, but Jesus is asking you to bring love to the forefront of your thinking, thereby banishing the dark robes that autopilot throws over your light.  If you are not doing it for love, take a moment, step back, and recalibrate.