God recently spoke to me about people who are filled with rage and frustration stemming from fear and the unknown. He said,


There are a lot of fiery elements on the earth right now. God douses the fire with Love, and you must also douse the fire by being a loving presence in the world. That's your job, to embody the Love, to do your own work to eliminate fear and the resulting anger and frustration that stems from it. You do that for your own personal well-being so that you can become a bigger and bigger field of Love, helping to douse the flames of those who are unaware of the work they have yet to do.

The love that God speaks of is not personal, romantic love; it’s agape—Love, which you exist within and are an extension of.  You have no idea how God’s Love wraps you, each of you, in a loving embrace. And though you may suffer, know that you never suffer alone. God is right there with you. For as painful as your suffering may be or may feel, it would feel worse without God’s presence.

Life is and will continue to unfold like a cosmic-sized rose, and you can’t stop the unfoldment. You can witness it. You can be the water—the rain that helps it to flourish, or you could be a cloud that covers the sun. The choice is yours.

How do you want to participate in the unfoldment? Decide who you want to be: the rain, or the sun, or the cloud, or the toxins in the soil. The choice is yours—you choose not only for yourself, but for all of creation.

Once you choose, you may use every moment of your life to be that which you have chosen to be. If you’ve chosen to be the sun, then be that when you’re walking, when you’re meeting new people, when you’re passing strangers on the street, when you’re driving, when you’re with your family, when you’re with your friends, when you’re faced with challenges as well as when you’re faced with good times.

This is not about ignoring feelings of grief and anger and frustration, but about being the sun regardless, if you so choose. In other words, being the sun is not about spiritual bypassing but about being a loving and compassionate presence.

Have gratitude for the Love that surrounds you. And live in peace and harmony with what is at this moment, for there can be no other way. That doesn’t mean (on a personal level) that things can’t change; they can. But what is now, in this present moment, is now, and resistance to it does not help to change it. Examine your resistance and move further and further, and deeper and deeper, into Love.

Now go in peace. You can’t stop what’s coming (on a cosmic scale, what is coming will be the result of humanity’s cumulative choices. You are responsible for your choice, which affects the whole but is not the whole). Go in the knowledge that I am with you and supporting whatever decision you make—whatever you choose to be, but make the choice consciously. Don’t sleepwalk through life. All of Creation is awaiting your conscious choice.

Decide who you want to be in the world. Do you want to feed the fiery elements through unconscious choices, or do you want to consciously choose to be a loving, nurturing force supporting the unfolding of this cosmic-sized rose that is our world? Please choose love. And don’t forget to vote! Being fully conscious involves conscious action.




Photo by Gianandrea Villa on Unsplash