These are my children. Treat them with loving kindness. When you get your hackles up, smooth them yourself, don’t look to blame the other. Use them as an indication that something within you must change. When you change it in you, in time, it will change in the other.

Listen when I speak to you.
Love whispers, it doesn’t shout.

You must quiet your mind and open your heart to hear me. If your heart is open and your mind is overactive, you will not hear me. If your mind is quiet and your heart is closed, you will not hear me. Your heart must be open, and your mind must be still.

With practice, you will find that you can walk through your entire life like this – with an open heart and quiet mind, regardless of what task is in front of you.

This is what I taught then. This is what I teach now.

It is how to stay awakened to your divinity, to your connection to Love.

There are many states of consciousness, from completely unconscious to fully awakened. You get to choose where on that continuum you want to be and in which direction you are moving.

And make no mistake, no matter how far along that path you move towards awakening, there are moments when you move backwards. Become aware of those moments and self-correct.

Although I speak as if the path is linear, you know that it is not.

It is a circle,
It is a spiral,
It is a dance.

Consider your evolution into higher states of consciousness as a joyful dance between you and the Divine. Love can only guide you if you allow it to; if you make room in your lives for Love to be heard and for Love’s guidance to be followed. It’s a crowded dance floor and there are many partners to choose from.

You must choose with consciousness.
Remember that Love whispers.
Make room on your dance card for the loving presence of the Divine.