Love is taking you back to the beginning of time, when Love breathed Its first outbreath—to a time before you became aware of what you think of as separation. Every molecule and atom and quark of you originated in Love. Your spirit originated in Love.

Go back to the time of the beginning—before you were aware of your separation from Love. What does it feel like to you to go back to the primordial essence of Love’s outbreath? So much time has passed since that initial outbreath, yet time stands still because there is just this moment. See yourselves expanding at this moment into the full glory of who you are joined with Love, and with each other. You never left that primordial essence.

Love wants you to recognize your seed point as Love. No one is more dear to Love than you, and no one is less dear to Love than you. Love made no mistakes. Recognize yourselves as Love’s essence. As Love’s outbreath projected and expanded It set everything in motion—all the spinning of these elements that continually spun and spun and spun until they formed you. The continuing spinning of elements cojoining with elements gave rise to the physicality you see around you, and gave rise to your physical body. And because you don’t see from the beginning, you think everything is separate.

You cannot transcend as a species to higher levels of consciousness until you can see from the beginning and recognize from your heart the unity of all beings and everything in existence. Because until you act from unity, you will not have peace.

Peace follows unity.
Where unity goes, compassion grows.
Where unity goes, kindness becomes an epidemic.

Love yourself, love your neighbors, and love Love until one day all that exists is a shining example of Love’s Love for you, for the earth, and for the cosmos. Now go and be unified in My Loving embrace, and let your Love exclude no one. And so it begins…


Photo by Jake Thacker on Unsplash