You are being enfolded into life as life unfolds. You are not separate from the unfoldment. You do not stand alone, although at times you think you may. You think you stand alone, but that’s only because you separate yourself from all others. You are not separate from Me, nor I from you. If you can see yourself in the other, regardless of who the other is, you will have more compassion, more empathy, and therefore more peace in your life. You will see that their suffering is your suffering, and your joy is their joy. Until you not only know that but also live that, you cannot have peace.

As I said in the Meditation for World Peace*, “Peace happens for us all or for no one, but it must start with you, with your vision, which cannot leave anyone out. It comes from the deepest recesses of your heart and soul.” It is time to see yourself in the other and to stop holding yourself separate. For with separation comes a lack of compassion. With unity comes empathy.

Unification! It is time for unification, and never has there been a better time than now because now is the only time you have. Now go and think upon these words that I’ve shared with you, and exclude no one from your love.

* Meditation for World Peace (MFWP) is now available on SoundCloud. Become an Ambassador of Peace by doing this Meditation every day. You are joined by tens of thousands of angels when you meditate to the MFWP—your contribution to peace is therefore magnified many times over. Click here to listen.