Remember yourself now as an aspect of Love.

Let go of all concepts you hold of yourself. Let go of all the words you use to subconsciously label yourself. For instance, I’m short, I’m tall, I’m fat, I’m thin, I’m sick, I’m well. Any labels you attach to yourself hide the Truth of who you are. Your small “I” lives forever in the grandeur of the large “I” of Reality.

It is the small “I” or the small self, that you see when you look into the mirror. You must polish the mirror by stripping away all the extraneous layers, so that you can see through, to your true Self. Reality lives within you, and you within It. This life is a dance of remembrance.

Remember where you were before you were born.
Remember yourself now as an aspect of Love.
That great Love is still within you.
Feel it expand outward now.
It connects each of you regardless of where you are.
It connects you to all of life, both manifest and unmanifest.

And now this is where I leave you—resting in unification—your unity with Love and your unity with one another.




Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash