Caring for others does not necessitate denial of self. In caring for yourself you’re actually showing others how important the self is to the whole. ~Love ~

We must give ourselves permission to pause, rest and heal. We’re each playing our melody or soul note however, there is no music created if all the notes frenetically run together. Our music is created by the interplay of the notes and the silence. Without rests, without pauses, the world can’t discern the melody in your music.

Each of your lives is a symphony—one that you get to compose, conduct and perform.  You play the instruments and you sing the song. Perform with purpose whether you’re sad or you’re elated. Play every part of your symphony with purpose by being fully present—fully present to yourself and fully present to your presence in this world. It’s time to realize that nothing of your life is an accident or by chance so, live your life as if you chose it and live it on purpose.

Play your beautiful song until your last breath as if you wanted the whole world to hear it. It is a song that can be sung only by you.



Photo by Alex Blăjan on Unsplash