This is how you ascend to higher and higher levels of consciousness. You see the world as it is, as it can be under that blanket of scarcity and fear that others have lain upon it. Today, you are lifting that blanket...

A very powerful twin column of blue light has been appearing in our Wednesday Healing Grace sessions. As powerful as it is, its healing effects are amplified by the love pouring forth from an open heart. It has this message to share with you:

The Earth is spinning, the cosmos is swirling, and all around you, things are in motion that cannot and will not be stopped. Allow your vibration to quicken. The higher your vibration goes, the less room you will have to hold onto regrets, past traumas, or unmet expectations. Illness cannot last for long. Vibrate as the stellar being that you are in harmony with the music of the spheres, resisting nothing. Your higher vibration raises your level of consciousness, which helps you to heal. Your healing helps to increase your level of consciousness, creating a feedback loop elevating consciousness and health.

Know that you are cosmic dust that has taken form and will eventually dissipate. You will not keep your current form forever, so enjoy what this form has to offer.

See your interdependence with Mother Earth and send her love and gratitude. She carries you on her back every day, every night, and every moment of your physical existence. She provides for you all the elements you need for your survival: air, water, food, and fire. She even provides love to you. Yes, the earth loves you.

Ask for healing for all of creation in accordance with whatever is for its highest good. Acknowledge that you have no idea what that might be. As you send love, you may feel a sense of unity. You may feel how energetically and spiritually you’re all part of the same whole.

Send love to the earth and to all that lives in, on, above, and beyond it, leaving out no one and nothing. As one heals, we all heal. As one experiences joy, we all experience joy. Peace happens for us all or for no one, but it must start with you. Your vision that cannot leave anyone out.

And so it is that the world becomes one through your love and through your recognition of unity. May you be blessed to live in the world that you are now creating and expanding. May your world reflect love back to you. This is how you ascend to higher and higher levels of consciousness. You see the world as it is, as it can be under that blanket of scarcity and fear that others have lain upon it. Today, you are lifting that blanket; just as Michelangelo freed beautiful statues from blocks of marble, you are freeing the world from lower vibratory realities. You know that quantum leaps of consciousness are real, and that is the reality that you must choose. Consciousness does not have to progress along a horizontal timeline but can jump from one timeline to another, to yet another, to even higher and higher levels of timelines. There’s no limit, so don’t limit your imagination.

As the Meditation for World Peace says, by doing this, you can come back to a time before time when there was peace and love and joy—where we exist for the care of others. You care for yourself; you care for others; it’s all the same. There is compassion and kindness. If you think it’s not possible, then it won’t be. This is the realm of miracles. You must open your mind to know that this indeed is possible, but it will not come about without at least a portion of humanity knowing that that is true. Allow yourself to be carried up through the levels of reality, coming to rest at one where love, peace, and joy are what rule everything. As Teillard de Chardin says, “Someday, after mastering the winds, the waves, the tides, and gravity, we shall harness for God the energies of love, and then, for a second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire.” Love has a power still beyond your imaginings. All that’s required of you right now is not to doubt that. Know that it’s true, and go with the power of love in your heart. It is the answer to all of your questions, even the questions you don’t yet know to ask.


Photo credit:Photo by Jonatan Pie on Unsplash