You are loved as if you were the only being that Love created. As inconceivable as that might be to your mind, it is true of how Love loves everyone and everything.

It loves you as if you were the only one. There is only one Being, and you are an aspect of It. You are not now, and have never been, separate from the One Love.

Your ego wants you to think that you are separate from Love, existing in a universe where the One Love is not. That can never be because all time, space, and dimensions live inside the One. Inside the One, fear cannot hide.

To help release fear and remind yourself of what it means to be an integral part of the One, open your heart and receive the infinite flow of Love that surrounds you. Let it flow through your physical and etheric bodies. Sense how big your own field of love is, especially when joined with this great Love. No matter where you are in the world, you are all connected through this field of Love; you are all aspects of Love. Feel the Love flowing into you and then outward from you to everyone you know. As you do this, you amplify the power of Love. Love cannot be stored on a shelf in your heart. It must be given freely, without conditions, to all of creation. 

 The love that you send to others grows too big to be contained by your circle of friends and relatives, so allow it to lift up and out, embracing the Earth and everything that lives in, on, and beyond the Earth throughout all time, space, and dimensions. 

 As you do this, it’s as if you are painting all of creation with a golden light. Envision yourself basking in this golden light of Love as if you, as an expression of Love, were the only one that existed. You truly are an expression of Love—there is no separation between you and Love because all of creation is one creation. It may appear that there are separate beings, but there is only One being that expresses as each of you. What you do to, and for yourself you do to, and for others. Go in the knowledge of your unity and be the loving presence that the world so desperately needs. 

For help experiencing your unity with Love, I offer these free online guided meditations:

Grace Booster Shot

Into Your Heart

If you’d like to participate in the movement to create a more peaceful world through Love, I offer this Meditation for World Peace. 

As with all of my work, I received the words of the above meditations directly from Spirit. 

Image fromPhoto by Jonatan Pie on Unsplash