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    Creating a world in which
    peace reigns upon the earth

    Author, Mystic, Energy Healer, Spiritual Mentor, Artist


    I am the author of the book series, Everyday Mystic — a 5-Star Readers’ Favorite Award recipient. As well, I’m a mystic, spiritual mentor, intuitive healer, Reiki Master, blogger and artist. Through my books, workshops, retreats, and private sessions; I teach clients how to transform their lives by embodying the principles of love and forgiveness in all relationships,
    including the relationship they have with themselves.

    In the popular Everyday Mystic series, I teach how to ask for, receive and integrate Divine guidance into everyday life. Clients learn how to take full responsibility for their circumstances and reactions and how to usher in lasting inner peace. This work ultimately leads one onto his or her own mystical journey so that regardless of outer circumstances, inner peace and equanimity remain constant. All of my teachings derive from direct revelation through channeling.

    On my website you will not find a formula for wealth or fame. You will not find ten easy steps to manifesting your dreams. If you are looking for safety or spoon-fed doctrine, this site is not for you. What you will find, instead, are the raw materials with which to build a life of inner peace, compassion, equanimity, joy and most profoundly, love.

    Love gives us the blessings of, and the ability to use, words and visions because Love trusts us to find our way through the tangle of Truth and falsehood. Love knows that we will test the waters of pain and sorrow. Love fully expects us to fall down and will be there to help pick us up. If you want to experience real Grace, you will find everything you need. I am simply someone who loves God and listens when Love speaks. In service to Love, I am in service to You.

    Prior to my career as an author, I spent 18 years in finance at International Business Machines (IBM). I have a bachelor’s degree in economics and an MBA in banking and finance.

    Spiritual Psychologist, Energy Healer

    Linda Fallo-Mitchell, Ph. D. – Before finding her way to her spiritual work, Linda was a consultant, researcher, statistician, and educator. Her quite ordinary life began in the classroom with a Ph.D. in Psychology, and an academic career as a college professor. She eventually left the ivory tower to join the corporate world. Along the way she co-founded an educational consulting firm, developed science programs for girls and created and led parent education workshops. The common thread in her varied professions has always been the empowerment of others by helping them to recognize their own inner strengths.

    Linda’s energy sessions and classes are an evolution and outgrowth of her passion to teach. After training as a Reiki Master/Teacher with Heather Cumming, prominent Reiki Master, Shaman, John of God Trip Leader and co-author of John of God, the Brazilian Healer Who’s Touched the Lives of Millions, Linda began a Reiki practice. Mentored by Theresa, who taught her to recognize that the Divine Light is and always has been within, the practice gradually evolved into Channeling Grace, which recognizes the role of the Divine in healing. As an intuitive healer, Linda guides others to trust their own inner wisdom by helping them to develop a personal relationship with the Divine.

    A desire to offer intuitive healing and guidance to groups led Linda and Theresa to create The Sanctuary, a figurative place they help to build inside of people through workshops and retreats that are based on the principles of Everyday Mystic. Programs include workshops, travel and retreats, which are designed to reveal to the individual that unconditional love for themselves and others ultimately leads to a life of inner peace and joy. The programs and workshops, still in their infancy, including Channeling Grace, Ten Steps to Inner Peace, The Redemption of the Divine Feminine and Birthing a New World: Creating a Peaceful Life and a Peaceful World, are based on Theresa’s direct revelations.

    In addition to her healing practice, Linda is the Director of the Global Peace Movement, acting to support and facilitate Theresa’s mission to manifest peace through the Meditation for World Peace and Channeled Grace Healing Circles. She is also the editor and inspirational force behind Everyday Mystic: Finding the Extraordinary in the Ordinary. Without Linda waving her magical orchestral wand, there would be no book. Everyday Mystic is changing lives. Linda’s organizational skills and expertise in editing while maintaining Theresa’s voice and words was truly a gift to readers.

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