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    Healing Yourself


    Attain Lasting Inner Peace, Profound Joy and Vibrant Health


    You Deserve Happiness - It's Time to Relax and Heal

    Healing Grace reduces stress, boosts happiness and regulates emotions. It is a time to relax and to heal mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. There is no better way to attain lasting inner peace and enduring states of joy.

    Below you will find my Healing Grace meditations. Feel free to click on the audio mediations below. Make sure to subscribe to always have access to the latest content and meditations.

    Special Sessions & Services​

    This service combines my immensely practical IBM executive training, where I was known for creating paradigm shifts, with over two decades of direct mystical revelations, spiritual mentoring and ever evolving energy healing. The sessions will link your intellectual intelligence with the Divine to create a higher vibrational spiritual intelligence. It will shift your perception bringing more peace, joy, love and clarity into your life and relationships. The mystical revelations paired with practical guidance will create a paradigm shift in both your personal and professional life. Through applied spirituality and healing Grace, I will help usher you across the threshold of heaven on earth.

    • PREREQUISITES: Courage and a willingness to marry action with contemplation to fulfill your Divine potential.
    • Personalized one-on-one sessions 1-4x/year. 

    • Each 1.25-hour Transformational Sacred Life Mentoring session includes time for Healing Grace guidance and mentoring. Recorded on Zoom.

    • Investment: $263/session. Maximum 4/sessions per year.

    Meditations on Soundcloud

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