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    Raising Consciousness Manifesting Peace

    My mission is to help you uncover your most loving, peaceful, joyful self by fully integrating
    your humanity with your inherent divinity. The result: A life of profound love, deep inner peace
    and unbridled joy.

    Jun 30


    Each person and situation is another opportunity for us to love and to forgive. Doing those two things sets us free. While It’s easy to love those who treat us with loving kindness and those with whom we share common ground, it is much harder to get past our judgements and shine love and forgiveness into the darkness. Yet, the revelations I received over the past two decades tell us to love everyone without exception. So how do we love abusers, murders or rapists and what forms can that love take?

    May 27

    Love Light

    Turn your hearts to the Sun (in this case the image of the sun is a metaphor for God’s Light and Love) and see this radiant, luminous, white Light stream into your heart chakra. After it fills your heart, it radiates through your entire body and it extends outward from you—from every pore in your body—and in that way God’s Light blesses everything you come upon, everything you see.  There is a constant stream of Love’s Light coming into you and extending outward.

    Apr 26

    Castle of Love

    You have heard tales of fire and brimstone – that is not Me.

    What unfolds in life, and as life, is what is within one’s heart. If one’s heart is filled with love, then there will be a life of love. If a heart is filled with fear, then it will be a life of fear. And if a heart is filled with love, it becomes a life not only of love but of magnificent, creative power.

    Jan 27

    Open your Heart

    I hear all your voices. I hear your cries and your sorrows. Trust in what’s unfolding, and come to Me in your time of need. Never forget that My arms are around you, that My love surrounds you. What seems painful is a necessary part of the unfolding.

    God asks you now to unfold your own heart. He asks you to imagine a tightly closed bud as your heart and to see the petals unfold, allowing the flower of your heart to open to its full glory, where it holds nothing back.

    Dec 18

    Destruction of Deconstruction

    Humanity is at a choice point—we can choose (and many are choosing) to steer away from the destruction of divisiveness, hatred, indifference and violence. We need both action and faith more than ever. The actions required are as varied as the problems. In addition to our actions, we must have faith that we can and will push back this wave that is destroying the fabric of who we are and destroying the earth. It boils down to one thing we can all do: love