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    Raising Consciousness Manifesting Peace

    My mission is to help you uncover your most loving, peaceful, joyful self by fully integrating
    your humanity with your inherent divinity. The result: A life of profound love, deep inner peace
    and unbridled joy.

    Mar 25

    What Coronavirus Teaches Us About Equality 

    The benefits of the coronavirus were not immediately obvious. However, as I watched the pandemic unfold, I could see that the virus was teaching us a lot about our underlying equality.  Coronavirus recognizes no borders. It checks no one’s nationality. It doesn’t ask about skin color or political party affiliation. It sees all life as equally valuable. What does the virus know that we don’t?

    Jan 01

    The Power of Gratitude

    Just like water doesn’t control the river you, as the water, do not control your life. God says: Be My guide; be My eyes and My ears and My heart in the world. Trust that I will take care of you on the journey through the rapids. As you approach every bend you have a choice between encountering rapids or still water. You must set your intention for what you want to encounter. You may think you’re in the rapids, but I see you in still water. You find out who you are by how you navigate the rapids as well as the still water. Find your true power by being the paddle, by being the canoe, by being the rapids, by being the oarsman, by being My eyes ears and heart in the world. 

    Dec 01


    Faith is not blind.
    You go in with eyes wide open,
    wide with wonder for a world you cannot see
    yet it exists
    waiting to be discovered.

    Oct 23

    What’s in Your Arsenal?

    You can start drawing from the well of love instead of from the well of fear. Every day is a new opportunity for you to call on love. You reach for control instead of love. You go to your mammalian brain when you choose fear. You are asked to reach a higher level of consciousness. One in which love prevails. This is not for the weak. It requires deep faith and courage—a depth you are capable of achieving or it would not be asked of you. Put away your doubts and your exercise bands (it doesn’t take muscle—that was the old way). You learned very young that control was necessary for a safe environment. And so, you are still learning that control is not what makes you safe. Love does. You’ve tried your way. Now try Mine. This is the only thing that is going to bring the inner peace you are looking for.