Manifest Peace!

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    Raising Consciousness Manifesting Peace

    My mission is to help you uncover your most loving, peaceful, joyful self by fully integrating
    your humanity with your inherent divinity. The result: A life of profound love, deep inner peace
    and unbridled joy.

    September 23, 2020

    One-Pointed Focus

    To help us on our journey we may use an exercise recently revealed by Spirit. It begins by dislodging layers of our shadow then moves toward unveiling our inner Wisdom. 

    To begin: Imagine Metatron or an another enlightened being holding a Merkabah (a star tetrahedron) suspended inside a crystal orb above the intersection of your third and fourth chakras. As it rotates it draws out lower vibrational energies. 

    August 31, 2020


    The Light Within Project, a philanthropic extension of Everyday Mystic, which combines my Sacred Energy Art and channeled messages was created to, hopefully, bring additional warmth and caring to incarcerated men and women—to remind them that they are not forgotten. The messages of forgiveness, acceptance and love are not new, but the power of those words alongside the art seems to enable the recipient to more readily internalize them.
    April 22, 2020

    Guest Blog: It’s Time to Go Back to School by Linda Fallo-Mitchell

    What if when schools reopen, we all went back to school regardless of our age, degrees or skill set?
    What if this is not about enrolling in an educational institution or academically ordained degree programs?
    What if there are no entrance exams, no grades, no pre-requisites, no tuition, no classrooms, no teachers, no textbooks, and no limit to what you can learn?

    March 25, 2020

    What Coronavirus Teaches Us About Equality 

    The benefits of the coronavirus were not immediately obvious. However, as I watched the pandemic unfold, I could see that the virus was teaching us a lot about our underlying equality.  Coronavirus recognizes no borders. It checks no one’s nationality. It doesn’t ask about skin color or political party affiliation. It sees all life as equally valuable. What does the virus know that we don’t?