Write in these pages only that which you wish to be preserved.


Mother Mary appeared holding an enormous, ancient, sacred book in her hands—the Book of Possibilities.

It is a metaphoric book that represents each of our lives. The pages from the past are covered in words and images. The pages she opened, in the middle of the Book, are blank, as are all the pages that follow. These blank pages will be scribed by your heart and soul. It is therefore imperative that you know yourself deeply and that you are connected to and conscious of your heart and your soul at all times. Even while performing routine tasks such as grocery shopping or cooking, you must stay connected to your heart and allow it to be the author of your Book.  

The pages of the past are filled with words and images representing a complete history of your past, including prior incarnations throughout all space, time, and dimensions. Some of those pages were filled when you were less conscious than you might be today—perhaps written at a time when you were filled with self-righteousness, judgment and condemnation. Mary revealed the importance of forgiveness in those past stories. Forgiveness releases all karmic debts. To release yourself and others from karmic debts requires forgiveness of yourself and others. Don’t get caught up in who was right and who was wrong.

To take full responsibility for what was written on those pages, Mary offers the following exercise:

In your mind’s eye, picture someone who you need to forgive. See them standing in front of you, and tell them you forgive them and you forgive yourself. In so doing, you release them and yourself from all karmic debts. Next, find another person you need to forgive and see them in front of you. Tell them you forgive them and you forgive yourself, and that you release the both of you from all karmic debts throughout all lifetimes. Do that with another person and then another until you can’t find anyone or any situation left to forgive. Once you are done, recall any circumstances in which you need to forgive yourself. Forgive yourself and release any and all karmic debts through that forgiveness. Keep repeating this process with all the people and situations that you need to forgive, thus releasing yourself and them from karmic debt. 

When you are ready, go back to the blank pages in your Book of Possibilities and know that, truly, you start with a clean slate every day. Mother Mary holds your Book of Possibilities in her loving hands. All that has been, is, and will be in your life is truly sacred, which is why the Mother holds your Book with reverence. She holds everything you are, have been, and will be as sacred, and she wants you to see your own sacredness. Remember to metaphorically write in these pages only that which you wish to be preserved. In other words, give thought to your words and actions. Take time to dive deep into your heart so that you may consciously respond rather than react to people and situations. There is no negative karma you can create that cannot be undone through forgiveness, although forgiveness is not always easily accomplished. Sometimes there are many layers of hurt to sort through. How deeply you dive into those layers is dependent on your level of consciousness and willingness to let go. Therefore, don’t be discouraged if what you thought you had forgiven in yourself or in another re-emerges at some future date. Although complete forgiveness can be accomplished in one practice session, it is more often the case that it will be a process that unfolds over your lifetime. If you find an old wound re-opening, then simply take time to turn to your Book of Possibilities and write a new story through your ever-deepening forgiveness practice.


Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash