My gift to you this New Year is deep resourcefulness. It’s the ability to dive deep within yourself to find the answers; to find the healing; to find all that you’re looking for. The depths of your soul, where you connect with Me, is a boundless resource. You will not connect to it through your mind. You connect to it by abandoning all logic and diving headlong into Love. Go there now.

Feel the silence, and the peace, and the tranquility that comes from diving deep, deep, deep into Me, where all your needs are met with love and compassion for your highest good. Don’t tell Me your needs are not being met. For it’s your heart, not your mind, that is creating the world that you are experiencing. Your mind tallies the needs that are not being met, but the needs that are coming from your heart are being met. Your heart is your communication center. Learn to communicate with Me through your heart—a place where fear falls away and glory belongs to all.

Take this blessing that I bestow upon you and enter the New Year as the Light that you are. Enter into a new paradigm in which peace reigns upon the earth and Love is the primary force of all good. Love is My gift to you. Use it with abandon.