Meditation: Water of Love

This Water of Love meditation was channeled to me and recorded during a Grace Healing session. Miraculously, it contains all the Grace that was present at that time! If you are in need of healing or simply desire deeper inner peace, click on the link below and allow yourself to be guided by Love.

I recommend listening with headphones to get the subtlety of the background music, which shares the same vibration as that of the earth. For maximum healing benefit, listen while siting quietly with your eyes closed.

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Water of Love

The floodgates of Love are always open. Stand and receive the rushing water of Love. Don’t be frightened by the force. Let it wash over you. Let it enter every pore of your body. Let it saturate your very being.

Float lazily on this Water of Love. Notice how it carries you through life; always supporting you, never leaving you. This river never dries up. It is forever flowing; carrying you to your destination. The destination is Unity. The river empties into the vast ocean that is God where it mixes with the waters of every other River of Love and it all becomes one. There is no distinction here between water and air or between you and God or between you and another. All has merged into the vastness of Love.

Learn to live in this unified state carrying this feeling with you throughout your day. See no difference between you and a tree; between you and a snail; between you and another. See no difference between you and Me. Each of us is floating on a river of Love that cannot fail emptying into Source. In Love you abide. Carry this Knowledge with you. ~God~